Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016


NLP supports the overall quantum of development directed to Nailsea and the proposed allocation of land ‘West of Engine Lane’ for residential development.

Table 1 of the Site Allocations Plan indicates that 1,080 dwellings are envisaged to come forward within the Plan period at Nailsea. Of this total, 865 comprise proposed allocations. As set out above, whilst NLP has significant concerns regarding the ability of the higher order settlements to realistically deliver further substantial growth within the plan period, the provision made within Nailsea for 865 dwellings is considered appropriate as it is derived from deliverable sites and takes into account the large number of constraints that prevent Nailsea from expanding beyond the existing built form. These constraints are summarised below:

Direction        Constraint

North             Green Belt
East               Green Belt and Floodplain
West              SSSi to North West
South            Proposed Nailsea/Backwell Strategic Gap

Without undertaking a Green Belt review, or encroaching into the (proposed) strategic gap/important open space between Nailsea and Backwell, the opportunities to accommodate additional growth in Nailsea are limited. NLP considers that the only realistic direction for growth at Nailsea is to the west of the settlement which includes ‘Land West of Engine Lane’. A further important consideration is the uncertainty surrounding the funding of Hinkley Point C and the associated undergrounding of the power lines at North West Nailsea. This means that readily deliverable opportunities west of the Town need to be pursued by the NSC.