Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

I recognise the pressure North Somerset and other councils are under from government to meet housing and employment demands. However, as a resident of Nailsea, I do feel that the Town and some service villages are under undue pressure to increase their housing numbers. Long Ashton and Failand seem to be unaffected by these proposals even though they have better access to the main employment hub, community and leisure facilities in Bristol.

The new South Bristol link road will also provide potential for new housing, employment and community facilities with direct access to Bristol. This would ease the burden elsewhere in North Somerset. There must be a strong case for reviewing the Green Belt sooner rather than later to ensure suitable opportunities are not missed at the expense of unnecessary rural development. All of which would be at odds with the National Planning Policy Framework.

I also feel that the greater use of Brown Field sites should be investigated. This does not appear to be actively encouraged in the document. 

I have tried to keep my comments in line with the main headings in the policy document. As so many are relevant in each section of the document I have chosen a written response in preference to an on-line comment, even though I had originally registered to do so.

Living on the Western edge of Nailsea, I am particularly concerned at the number of houses proposed in the Site Allocations Plan and the lack of infra structure that exists to support such development in this area.

I must also add that I am also particularly concerned at the appearance of land West of Engine Lane on the plan. This is relatively recent and appears to coincide with the time at which it is known that Barratt Homes were approaching the Town Council to buy it. There was a suggestion that this was the time the Town Council made North Somerset aware of the desirability of this land appearing in the plan.The decision by the Town Council was narrowly carried by a majority of just one councillor at a closed meeting. At a later public meeting, held on 2 February 2016 at the Tythe Barn, it was evident that the councillors were very much at odds with each other and clearly uncomfortable about putting forward land originally purchased for use by the community. Nailsea Town Council also seem to be constrained by the green belt regulations to the North East of the town where new houses could sensibly be built close to the main access roads.

I trust you will give my comments and those of my colleagues in Nailsea who share similar concerns, due consideration when preparing your final submission.