Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

This states that the Core Strategy will be “ reviewed by the end of 2018. Key strategic issues will be determined through the Joint Spatial Plan being developed by the West of England authorities for the period 2016-2036. This plan is proposed to be adopted in 2018 and will provide the proposed new North Somerset Local Plan which is intended to cover the same period 2016-2036”.

This seems to imply that the Core Strategy Document and Site Allocations Plan currently being examined could be out of date in less than 2 years. More importantly the current Joint Spatial Plan makes no reference to the new South Bristol link road which is currently under construction and due to be completed by the winter 2016. Accordingly this misses the potential to build new communities along this road, which will link the A370 and A38 and provide the ideal infrastructure for new schools, health centres and community facilities with easy access to the main employment hub, transport, recreational and leisure facilities provided in Bristol.

I understand that the Green Belt around the South side of Bristol will need to be reviewed but this would greatly relieve the pressure on the Towns and Service Villages in North Somerset to meet the worryingly high demand for new housing.

As a resident of Nailsea I am particularly concerned that a commitment of 865 new homes has been proposed with the majority being provided by new sites to the West of the town. East of the town is deemed to be Green Belt even though it is flagged for Employment opportunities. Nailsea Town Councillors have previously commented that this side of town would be more suitable for housing. It is closer to local amenities with less emphasis on transport into town, Kinshill school has the capacity to expand and development is immediately adjacent to the main road network and the area proposed for employment expansion.

In the 2013 Consultation Draft Allocations Document only one new site on the North West of Nailsea was identified with the potential for 450 new homes. At the time Nailsea Town Council commented that “ there are significant traffic, safety and transport issues associated with this site”. The same should now be said, but with significantly increased risks, for the Allocations Plan to include 180 houses West of Engine Lane and a further 100 at The Uplands. It is also known that a Glasgow based developer wants to submit an Outline Planning application for a further 450 homes at Youngwood Lane, even though the site does not appear on the Allocations Plan.