Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

CPRE exists to protect the countryside for the public benefit and supports a democratic planning system that provides good quality, energy efficient, well designed accommodation that meets the needs of the local population and respects the landscape.

We note that the purpose of the Site Allocations Plan is to identify the detailed allocations required to deliver the North Somerset Core Strategy. We are disappointed that this document calls for more sites whilst at the same time sites have already been identified in the call for sites in the West of England Joint Spatial Plan. This makes the process lack transparency in terms of extent of land use proposed and so inhibits the ability of the public to have a full picture of development proposals.

We support the policy that protects North Somerset’s existing Green Belt, preventing the urban sprawl of Bristol and encroachment into North Somerset countryside which contributes to the character, provides spaces and enhances wellbeing. We also welcome the proposed designations to safeguard or protect particular areas of local green space or strategic gaps.

We support North Somerset Council’s approach to an employment led strategy to deliver improved self-containment in Weston-super-Mare. If an employment led strategy is to be effective for North Somerset, it would also be beneficial for this approach to be adopted in the other areas identified for development across North Somerset. Promoting a ‘brownfield first’ policy and sequential approach would be helpful to ensuring sustainable development.

We acknowledge recognition that the NPPF considers the purpose of the planning system is to perform an economic, social and environmental role. Utilising brownfield sites both for housing and employment prevents unnecessary and damaging development in countryside which impacts on the quality of life and wellbeing. Greater emphasis is needed on the link between jobs, services and transport.

It is noted that the Habitats Regulations Assessment in relation to the North Somerset and Mendip Bats SAC is still to be prepared.