Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 04 May 2016


As a Wrington resident I am writing to NSC to support the Council's decision not to include the land south of Cox's Green, Wrington in the NSC's Site Allocations Plan March 2016.   This particular site would in my view be totally unsuitable for development.  I have listed some of my concerns below:  

  • The roads (Nates Lane, Cox's Green, Havyatt  Road, Silver Street) are very narrow. Not build for the traffic they already carry.
  • The roads are often congested with HGVs, tractors, farm machinery, delivery vans,  school buses, buses, horse riders, cyclists and cars.
  • Parking in the centre of the village (Broad Street, High Street, School Road, Silver Street) has increased in general, due to increase in cars in the village.
  • Many residents commute to work by car adding to the traffic on the narrow country roads/ lanes in/out of the village. Additional commuters would only increase this problem.
  • The added traffic on to the A38 and the A370 would be substantial if more houses were build in Wrington.
  • Flooding and heavy surface water occurs on a regular basis and I am concerned that any additional building in the area, would course further problems especially to the existing houses.
  • Wrington has lost a lot of it's shops and services over the 20 years I have lived in the village. We no longer have a GP surgery. The banks have closed. The Primary School is over subscribed. The bus service is minimal and unreliable. Not sure Wrington still fills the criteria of a 'service village'.
  • A housing estate on the site would completely change the look of the village and it would be totally out of character with this old place full of historie and charme.