Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 04 May 2016


I am writing to give my full support in your decision to not include the land south of Cox's Green Wrington ( site HE14179) in your site allocation plan.  I write this for a number of reasons that you have no doubt taken account of when deciding to not include it. Notably the flooding, traffic and pedestrian access, lack of local infrastructure and transport to support this level of development.

Primarily this land ( along with other areas in the centre of the

village) have been consistently highlighted by the Environmental agency as areas where flooding from surface water could very likely occur. As a resident adjacent to this land I see this first hand throughout the year, during periods of both heavy rainfall but also during lighter rainfall following a period of prolonged rain. The area very quickly becomes saturated and even a couple of hours rain can lead to water run off from the field onto the road for a couple of days afterwards.

Due to the nature of the topography of the site much of the surface water runs into the junction of cox's green and Hayavt road, at times making the area impassable for pedestrians and at times cars.

To the south west of the site the junction ( Hayvayt road and tumbling

weir) also becomes incredibly flooded from the surface water run off from the south of the field, causing the river to rise to road level ( and at times beyond making it impassable).

Building on this piece of land will undoubtably cause further flooding pressure on these areas of road, existing waterways, properties and downstream areas of the village.

This site is poorly accessed to and from the village on roads that are narrow and dangerous for the pedestrian, there are no footpaths, it is not a conducive walk to the village amenities for the able bodied, let alone anyone with a pushchair, disability or limited mobility.

The local village infrastructure is limited and fragile, the post office and bank have closed in the last 12 months and the Dr’s surgery re-located. There is very limited parking within the village for non residential cars. I would argue that new residents to this site would chose not to use the village amenities given the difficulty in parking or walking to the village.

Our bus service in and out of the village is being reduced further from April, meaning the majority of the village need to rely on their cars for work and leisure.

The local school (which was due for a re-build to expand a few years ago but funding was cut ) is at full capacity, without further funding for expansion any additional children would need to be bused or driven  to other schools.

Thank you for maintaining the decision to not include this site within the allocation and any planning applications that are made on this site.