Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 04 May 2016


This is my response to the Site Allocations Plan. In particular I am writing to support NSC’s rejection of the proposed inclusion in the Plan of the site bounded by Cox’s Green, Mill Lane and Havyatt Road in Wrington for residential purposes.


My principal reason relates to drainage. It is well documented that there have been issues with drainage and flooding in Wrington; the proposed site, if developed, will only add to this problem. At present as soon as it rains the surrounding roads collect substantial amounts of water which flows down the roads or is left standing. The river frequently rises to the top of its banks and often overflows into the fields. Additionally the fields help to soak up rainfall directly and slow the release of water onto the roads.

Development on this site would remove the safety valve provided by the fields as there would be immediate run-off onto the roads and drains which would not be able to cope. As well affecting this end of the village, there will be ‘knock-on’ effects throughout the rest of the village.


The roads themselves, in essence country lanes, would not be able to cope with the increased volume of traffic, both during and after development. There are already problems with traffic flow due to the increased presence of large commercial lorries on these roads.


Finally the infrastructure of the village could not support this, or any other, sizeable development. There are only a very modest number of shops, there is no longer a doctor’s surgery and the village school is full. All of these factors would lead to increased usage of the roads by all types of vehicle, roads that are already struggling to cope with volumes of traffic for which they were not intended.


In conclusion, it can be seen that the proposed development is wholly unsuitable for the village and therefore it should not be permitted and sites in Wrington should remain excluded from the Site Allocation Plan.