Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 04 May 2016

The Sites already allocated, Hallam and Perssimon need to be properly joined up with these proposed allocations in order for a coherent development to be formed that can principally be served from the large Arnolds Way roundabout. All sites need to be joined to the Multi-use pathways proposed along both sides of Northend. The above needs to be achieved by agreement and conditioned so that all talk of “ransom strips” is avoided.

The descriptions below need to be read with the relevant plans. Landowner approval has been gained for the proposals apart from path routes shown dotted and these will be consulted on over the coming weeks

Site “ D” Boxbush Farm

 The new housing has removed the rented fields from the farm and it has had to cease trading as a dairy farm.

 Redevelopment of the redundant farm yard of about 2 acres for commercial purposes including a Farm Shop, Café and indoor play area along with small retail units (hairdresser etc). Some small offices will adjoin the retail area and the larger modern buildings may lend themselves to small domestic storage units and or caravan storage.


The thinking here is based on what might be the needs of 300 plus new households surrounding the site. The site will need to be linked through to the Bloor 2 development and will form a crossing point between the 2 Multi-use paths.


Further land adjoining (also in yellow) may be involved in the pathways and could contribute to the needs for more facilities at the Bridge Inn.