Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 03 May 2016


As part of this consultation process, I note that a number of Developers are expected to submit (and / or re-submit) proposals for consideration and in the expectation that they will be included in a revised plan. Many of these proposals will have already been screen for suitability and rejected, eg. NSC0121 Butts Batch Wrington, NSC0120 Land West of Garstons Orchard south of Wrington and HE14179 Land south of Coxs Green Wrington.

I would encourage the Council to continue to reject any resubmissions as continuing to be un-suitable and hence opportunistic and vexatious intended to prolong and delay the process of agreeing the Council’s plan.

In the case of HE14179 no Planning application has been submitted and is purely Developer led. It is un-wanted by the Local Community.

It is on a Green Field site (Agricultural land) on the extreme edge of the village and hence would be out of keeping with the existing housing stock surrounding the sites which provides a gradual lead in to the village proper.

Work opportunities with the village are minimal and where they do exist, the vast majority of people commutes in from the surrounding area. It is to be expected that this pattern would continue with any future village development. Developments would dormitories generating additional traffic on to the narrow country lanes that lead out of the village to A38 and A370. These Lanes are already congested and often impassable due to HGV Traffic in to and out of the village.

The building on Green Field Sites is also to be resisted in areas where Surface Water Flooding is known to be an issue. Flooding of the roads around the Coxs Green site is well known; often leave the roads impassable. This would be exacerbated by any development which replaces fields that store water (and ameliorates flooding risks) with hard landscaping (tarmac) which cause instantaneous run off in to local drains, water courses and rivers. These already struggle to cope in period of heavy rain and flooding further downstream is the norm even without any increase in run off.