Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 03 May 2016

Opposed to development at Nailsea

Nearly all of the proposed housing development is to the west of the town. Nailsea’s historic layout, which contributes significantly to its character, means that access to/from the proposed sites is via a significant bottleneck of narrow roads with abutting buildings.

Furthermore, there is very restricted access to the sites from the West – all traffic, both during construction and after the sites are occupied, will transit through the town centre or through ‘rat runs’ that will surely evolve (e.g. Hannah More Road, The Perrings, etc). Nearly all traffic will be to/from Nailsea town centre, and onward to Bristol, the M5 or Backwell, including the railway station.

We see no evidence of any recognition of these problems in the proposals, nor of any plans to provide the infrastructure needed to obviate these situations. Nor are there any apparent plans to provide leisure facilities, schooling, additional medical services etc to serve a very large, concentrated ‘mass’ of housing