Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 03 May 2016

We wish to write and voice our concerns about building work that is proposed in Nailsea, West End. (Youngwood Lane, Engine Lane, The Uplands). We are completely opposed to this notion on the grounds of inadequate infrastructure to support any more traffic in the area. The roads are already so busy and beginning to get dangerous, teaching our young children to cycle on these roads are already beyond impossible.. We have tried! With more houses, this is an accident in the making. We often have difficulty on a Saturday getting to backwell pool at 12am due to lengthy queues from Backwell up the hill into Nailsea, so people will begin to go along Chelvey lanes, very dangerous when this becomes busy. Car parking 'up the village' is almost impossible on a regular basis and many times we've turned around and gone home to shop online. Our children's health and road safety is very important and the roads are going to become too busy for the roads in Nailsea, size and structure. Schools are also an issue, our daughter has already gone from a class of 23 to 33! She's only in year 3, 7 years old. Our son will be starting this year, we are dreading what will happen in the future in regards to education priorities in Nailsea for numbers of children within primary school. Crime is already becoming very noticeable in Nailsea, so many drugs raids, a rave, and anti social behaviour in many areas. Including our front garden (anti social behaviour, youths on a jolly!)  This will only become worse without 'proper' thought and provision. WE have concerns for OUR children's future here, especially after our 7 year old daughter said that she would like to move away if more people come because it will become too busy. Out of the mouths of babes!