Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

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This comment is in respect of how the Site Allocation Plan affects Nailsea. The site allocation plan does not meet many of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requirements, particularly for sustainable development:·        

The plan does not explain how the likely cumulative impacts of the proposed new houses in Nailsea have been considered, which is required by NPPF paragraph 174. The proposed sites in Nailsea would not represent sustainable development from any of the three areas set out in the NPPF: economic, social and environmental.

  • The sites in the west end of Nailsea, in particular, are not of the right type or in the right place. They are in peripheral locations (see below) and their distance from the town centre would necessitate car use, which is unsustainable, and subsequent parking issues would adversely impact the vitality of the town centre.
  • New residents will mostly have to commute outside Nailsea for work. Those living in the west end will use country lanes, causing highway safety issues. The lack of proposed improvement to infrastructure runs contrary to economic sustainable development.
  • The plan does not set out improvements to social infrastructure, which would be required for Nailsea to meet its community’s needs and support its health and well-being. In addition, local services would not be easily accessible for new residents in the west end locations.
  • The proposed sites that are greenfield go against the NPPF requirement to protect and enhance the natural environment and improvement of biodiversity (see further detail below). The West of Engine Lane site goes against the NPPF's aim of protecting the historic environment, because the site is part of the Nailsea Farm Coal Measures, K1, which is a well preserved medieval landscape, as identified by the North Somerset Landscape Character Assessment ( ·        

Peripheral locations: the sites in the west end in particular, are not in sustainable locations, because the need for car use to access services. This conflicts with the NPPF as follows:o   The NPPF requires developments generating significant movement to be located “where the need to travel will be minimised and the use of sustainable transport modes can be maximised”. This is not the case for the west end sites, because they would general over 1,200 car journeys per day (West of Engine Lane, The Uplands and West End sites, using 6 car journeys per day), but are in the furthest locations possible in Nailsea from local services, including the train station.o   The increased pressure on train station parking would be likely to conflict with the NPPF requirement for new developments to have access to high quality public transport.o   Town centre parking will be affected by increased car journeys. However there are no plans to improve the parking. This may lead to residents shopping elsewhere.·        

Local road network: the country lanes around the sites in the west end of Nailsea are not sufficient to cope with the increase in traffic. No improvement is proposed, which runs contrary to the NPPF. This will result in highway safety issues and prevent walkers, cyclists and horse riders using these lanes for their health and wellbeing. ·        

Biodiversity: building on greenfield sites will lead to a net loss of biodiversity, which is not in line with the NPPF. In particular, building on the West of Engine Lane site would have a detrimental effect on the local greater horseshoe bats, which use the site for foraging and commuting (see the Greater Horseshoe bat Project 1998-2003 by English Nature (·        

Public amenity: loss of access to public open space and the visual amenity of public views would occur through development of the West of Engine Lane site in particular. It is are well used space where development would contradict the NPPF aim promoting healthy communities through green infrastructure. The NPPF requires that planning to “identify and protect areas of tranquillity which have remained relatively undisturbed by noise and are prized for their recreational and amenity value for this reason.” The North Somerset Landscape Character Assessment identifies the West of Engine Lane site as being part of the Nailsea Farm Coal Measures, K1, which it describes as “a remote intimate scale landscape with peaceful ambiance"·        

Agricultural land: development on very good agricultural land (the west end sites) runs contrary to the NPPF, which seeks to avoid development on the best agricultural land.