Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

This comment relates to the land south of Cox's Green, Wrington (site HE14179) (the "Site").

I support the decision by the Council not to include the Site in the Site Allocations Plan for the following reasons.

1. The site is in an unsustainable location on narrow country roads (which are prone to flooding) which are already busy due to HGVs, farm and other vehicles.  There are no pavements leading into Wrington from the site and the roads are not suited to the increase in traffic which would result from any proposed development on the site.

2. It is acknowledged in the Council's Final Report Assessing the sustainability and settlement hierarchy of rural settlements in North Somerset (February 2016) that Wrington is ranked as red in terms of being well connected in public transport, with "many of the roads in the village" being "narrow and having no footway leaving pedestrians exposed to risk.  The Site has no pavements connecting it to the village, and falls into that description.  The development of the Site will only contribute to the risks posed to pedestrians, given that it is located near a busy industrial estate, and will increase traffic in the village and on the surrounding roads. 

3. In addition to this, given the recent closure of a number of village services (particularly the bank and the doctors' surgery) it is a moot point whether Wrington meets the requirements of a service village.  The school (which is a single form entry) is full and public transport is minimal.  The development of the site would put further pressure on the village services and the infrastructure of the village.

4. The Site is a greenfield site on the edge of the village, and the development of this site will spoil the character of this area of the village.

5. Finally, parts of the Site (the area in and around the south and south-west of the proposed site) have been highlighted by the Environment Agency as areas where surface water flooding could result from rainfall.  Areas to the north and north-east of the site on Cox's Green road have also been highlighted.  I am very concerned about the impact that the development of the Site would have on increased surface water run-off and potential increase in surface water flooding.  I am also concerned about the risk of increased flooding of Havyatt Road by the river at the south of the site due to increased surface water run-off if the Site is developed.  This may also increase the risk of flooding further down the river, where the river meets Beam Bridge on Butts Batch (which is also susceptible to flooding).  These are two of the roads which link Wrington to the A38 so the increased risk of flooding posed by the development of the Site would cause problems to many residents of the village.

For these reasons I strongly oppose any inclusion of the Site (or part of the Site) in the Site Allocations Plan.