Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Respondent Ian Rolling [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 27 Apr 2016

My concerns for the development of Nailsea are as follows. The road infrastructure is inadequate and simply could not cope with more cars and lorries coming into the town. I approach the town via Tickenham Hill and then over Jacklands Bridge. On many occasions I have been held up because lorries/buses cannot easily pass each other approaching and leaving Nailsea along that stretch of road. That route into Naisea is the only direct one into Nailsea from the motorway. All traffic from the proposed new developments would have to go through the town or country lanes to access the main routes into Bristol or the motorway and these would struggle to cope. 

At the moment the car parks in Nailsea are often full and the proposed development will necessitate new residents using cars to get to the town centre. The Health Centres are only just managing to cope at present so any increase in number of residents will require extra facilities.

The suggested development in the North West  behind Causeway View and Pound Lane will be on land that becomes very wet during the winter and often has standing flood water on it. There have been so many cases of houses being built on similar areas around the country that have subsequently suffered flooding that it seems short-sighted to risk that happening here.