Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 27 Apr 2016

The allocation of nearly 700 homes to Yatton is disproportionate to the size of the village. I object to the allocation of these houses to Yatton,  without further amenities, for several reasons.

Schools, Doctors and Dentists

These houses will mean that the demand on school places, doctors and dentists becomes impossible to meet. 

I realise that there is land allocated to a new primary school, but allocating land is only a small step towards opening a new school. Opening a new school would (at best) be several years after these houses are completed, meaning many children having to be bussed from Yatton to other villages. 


I note that the allocation includes the grand total of 0.42 hectares of land allocated to new employment. This means that the occupants of these new houses will be forced to travel outside Yatton for work. Given that the traffic situation in Yatton is already dangerous and disruptive at peak times, this will only make the situation worse. 

I understand that Yatton train station means that it is a good site for new housing. But unfortunately the trains to and from Bristol are already at peak capacity in rush hour. It is not uncommon to be unable to board the train from Temple Meads to Yatton, meaning many Yatton residents will commute by car when it is vital they are home at a specific time. This will worsen congestion along teh A370 and n the village. 


The sites allocated for new development are prone to flooding - Yatton exists in its present form along a ridge of rock, and outside the village you are shortly onto the moor. These new developments are situated on land likely to flood.