Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 27 Apr 2016

Supporting Infrastructure

There is currently a lack of employers in the town, and there are insufficient support services.   I see no plans to address this, even though there is a section in the Site Allocation Plan underlying the need to address this.  The proposed plan shows just 1.5 hectares for industrial units for Nailsea which is far too small for the increase in housing proposed.  Support infrastructure is lacking - from shopping to schools and medical services.  There is no tertiary education nearby.  The recreational aspects will reduce as the existing playing fields are built on (unless they are replaced by yet more farmland being re-allocated).


The current Nailsea and Backwell station is distant from the Nailsea population centre, made worse by the steep incline of Station Road discouraging pedestrian access.  It would benefit from a direct spur to the centre.  The road infrastructure for Nailsea is appalling – both in terms of its access to the motorway network, local service roads and standard of maintenance.  This is no doubt a factor preventing more employers being attracted to it.  I don’t know why a direct road from the Clevedon motorway junction, is not being considered before the significant increase in population being proposed for the area.  Or, simply, why the additional housing cannot be placed closer to transport and employment hubs shown in the Plan (specifically Bristol).

Environmental aspects

The housing being proposed will destroy the habitat of countless species supported on the current moorland and hedgerows.  I know from personal experience that bats use the land adjacent to Engine Lane, and I would request a full survey to establish where they roost and impact on them. Farmland will reduce and the balance of the town will move further from its rural roots – but what is the goal if there are no local employment opportunities or support infrastructure?