Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 26 Apr 2016
  • Key objectives: (Page 9)
  1. One of the key objectives is to “ensure major development proposals are delivered in tandem with the necessary improvements in physical and social infrastructure such as flood mitigation, healthcare facilities etc.”
  2. Over recent years there have been significant housing developments at North End e.g. Dairy Close; Brunel Way; Briar Mead; Meadowland; Hawthorns; Macquarie Farm; Bramblewood and Grange Farm. During this period no infrastructure developments have taken place. Consequently, the GP practice is full to capacity and in April 2016 the practice has had to close the afternoon surgery in one of its locations due to pressure of work and lack of staff. The school is also full. There is no evidence that any major health or educational infrastructure will be put in place prior to, or in tandem with the proposed sites. In terms of flooding, there is no proposed mitigation to prevent flooding in the village due to the cumulative impact of the on-going and proposed developments at North End. Of particular concern is any adverse effect on Horsecastle Ward which experienced flooding following unprecedented amount of rainfall and a high water table in 2013.
  3. Highways infrastructure - In 2002 the North Somerset Local Plan stated “There is an urgent need for traffic calming in Yatton High Street where the pavements and road are narrow in places and the increasing heavy traffic endangers pedestrians.”(14.79) and proposal T/7 stated “In pursuit of road safety and environmental benefits traffic management measures are proposed in….. High Street Yatton.”

To date no significant measures have been put in place to improve road safety or reduce the dangers presented to pedestrians as identified by North Somerset Council in 2002.

  1. In 2002 the recommendations made in the Village Character Statement by North Somerset and Yatton Parish Councils were that: “Redundant farm buildings should not be converted to employment use if the use is inappropriate to the area and generates an unacceptable amount of traffic;”

“There is a conflict between different types of road users, particularly at certain times of the day. ……. Cycling to school is discouraged because the roads are seen as too dangerous.”

  1. Despite concerns expressed in 2002, data produced by North Somerset Council in 2015 has shown a 28% increase in the volume of traffic through the Parish in the last ten years. Using NSC’s own figures, the proposed developments on the sites at North End would add a further 17.4 % increase in volume of traffic at peak times, resulting in total increase in traffic volume of more than 45% since 2005.
  2. The North Somerset Council Executive Member with the portfolio for Highways recently referred to Yatton as a Town. Yatton is still a village with one major road, the B3133 running thorough the centre connecting the village to Clevedon and Congresbury. If Yatton were to become a Town, unlike other towns in North Somerset, it would still only have one access road that will increasingly become more severely congested placing pedestrians at greater risk.
  3. S106 and Community Infrastructure Levy - If any funding is allocated to infrastructure development it needs to be used within the parish and not used for other communities. The Parish Council also needs to be consulted on how the funding is used and the recommendations identified in the emerging Claverham and Yatton Neighbourhood Plans.