Site Allocations Plan March 2016

Document Section Site Allocations Plan March 2016 Housing Allocations Policy SA2: Housing Allocations [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 26 Apr 2016

General development principles

  1. To reiterate the Council’s existing policy that it insists on a comprehensive green belt review in order to properly assess site allocations affecting Nailsea. The refusal to review the green belt may lead to inappropriate development elsewhere.
  2. To support a realignment of the green belt boundary at the north east side of the town to support employment, leisure and residential development.
  3. To ensure that infrastructure is not a constraint, to support the construction of an access road at the north of the town from the Bristol Road to the Clevedon Road.
  4. That any change to the settlement boundary can only be considered if the area described below is incorporated into the green belt, or at a minimum this area is incorporated into the Strategic Gap:
    • to the north, Bucklands End, the southern side of The Perrings, the Bridleway from the junction of The Perrings and Youngwood Lane and across Morgan’s Hill (footpath N4).
    • the railway line to the south.
    • Station Road to the east (the current western boundary of the green belt).
    • Netherton Wood Lane/Chelvey Lane to the west.
  1. Any residential development must address the specific demographic issues affecting the town and must be in accordance with the Town Council’s Housing Mix Policy (March 2014).


Policy SA2 Site Allocations

The Town Council does not object to the principle of an allocation on the proposed sites. This is conditional on:

  • Development having an appropriate density and size in keeping with the existing character of the area.
  • Ensuring there are no unacceptable adverse impacts on local roads, drainage and flooding and existing services and facilities.