Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 11 Apr 2016



The applications are on green field sites, and the regulations on surface water drainage are very stringent in that the discharge from the site should be no more than that which was considered to leave the green field site. How is the attenuation being achieved and where is the discharge taking place, bearing in mind that the Yatton Moor is already very fragile with controlled ditch systems, and artificially high water table level. Where is the foul water being taken? My understanding is that the sewage treatment plant at Kingston Seymour is already full to capacity.


Yatton high street is already very congested with a number of pinch points, and heavy goods traffic that is not monitored.Are you undertaking a survey? Particularly at school drop off and pick up times.


Yatton School is already full to capacity; it cannot already handle all the children living in the village at present. I notice that a plot of land has been allocated for a school, but this is not sufficient to build a school for the size required to accommodate all of the anticipated children from the north end developments. It will be the responsibility of North Somerset Council to build the school, when will this be? Bearing in mind the financial implications.


The present practice is already full to capacity, and cannot handle any more patients. I know that this is not part of planning issues, but again it is part of the sustainability of the village.