Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 23 Mar 2016

I understand that it is the Councils duty to respond to Government policy in trying to locate suitable sites for future housing but I find it hard to believe that just so many houses are actually needed? The population of this country is not growing that fast with the exception of taking in migrants from around the world but even they do not represent such massive numbers as we are concerned with here. If suitable sites for building new homes are not realistic or not available surely it is acceptable to say, "Sorry but really this is not a feasible plan in this particular area". If every town/village the size of Nailsea were to be subject to such huge numbers of new houses then the expected rise in the population must indeed be astronomical! The proposed sites for building of new homes namely; Youngwood Lane, Engine Lane, Nailsea West End, Causeway View and the Uplands are so woefully lacking in access(narrow lanes never intended for the amounts of traffic that they have to cope with now, never mind adding the increase in traffic that 1100+ potential homes would add to the already dangerous areas). There are hardly any employment opportunities locally and expecting people to travel to Bristol or Weston to work would just increase the stress levels of travellers and residents and the inevitability of increased numbers of accidents due to the over-burden of our poor road network. I have lived in Nailsea all my life and I would like to see the town prosper but definitely not at ANY cost! The majority of these sites are on very low lying land with regular flooding and surface water throughout the winter but often at other times of the year too! As for the wildlife that inhabits these areas is what upsets me the most, Planners and Councilors who do not live or visit these areas would never be aware of, care about or appreciate. Like the agents for the building companies all they want is to build houses regardless of the consequences but once countryside has gone and houses replace it it will NEVER come back! I walk around a lot of these areas and the wildlife that I have seen is not only wonderful but a joy to see for all, once again it will all disappear! The land at Engine Laqne was sold on the condition that it would NEVER be developed and would REMAIN for the people of Nailsea to enjoy!!!!!

Just some of the wildlife I have personally seen on or in the very near vicinity if are as follows; Adder, Grass Snake, Kestrel, Buzzard, Barn Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, Red Tailed Kite, Sparrow Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Kingfisher, Badger, Fox, Rabbits, Voles,  Field Mice, Lizard, Frogs, Toads, Hedgehogs, Herons, Geese, Swans, Mallard, Moorhen, Bats(various) and many other species. Wherever these creatures go they will not come back and will no longer be part of this rich and beautiful area, Please think about what will be lost rather than what will be gained! 

The roads are generally in a poor state of repair especially St Marys Grove (possilbly the worst road surface in Nailsea?). No burial sites available anywhere! The Doctors Surgeries are overwhelmed with patients, the car parks are filled to capacity regularly, the Police Station is closing to be replaced by retirement accomodation(if you build they will come)How many more retirement homes are going to be provided? No wonder the population of Nailsea is ageing! The shopping centre provides very little in the way of quality shops unless you are selling your house or like trolling round Charity shops? If retirement properties are high on the agenda at least make it a proviso that they are sold to people already living in Nailsea thereby freeing up family sized properties for the so needed young families. The Schools with the exception of Nailsea School cannot support the kind of population increases that will be needed to meet supposed demands!

Nailsea Town Council could not find a suitable site for a much needed Lidl Supermarket anywhere in the town.... result No Lidl!

No suitable areas for building new houses........result NO NEW HOUSES!


Yours Sincerely


Geoff Taylor