Site Allocations Plan 2006 - 2026: Publication Version November 2016

Site Allocations Plan Publication Version November 2016

Consultation arrangements

Consultation on this Publication Version of the Site Allocations Plan is important to help ensure that the plan is informed by a wide range of responses and reflects the views of the local community.

Please let us know which elements you support, as well as where you have concerns.  The best way to make representations is online via the Council’s website.

The Site Allocations Plan will help to deliver the key policies set out in the Core Strategy. These include the housing needed within North Somerset, policies related to the delivery of additional employment growth, policies that will protect the environment and provide additional facilities for leisure and social and community uses. The Site Allocations Plan must reflect the strategic approach set out in the Core Strategy.  All comments must be precise and, if objecting to the Site Allocations Plan, you must clearly set out the changes that are required to the text or accompanying maps.

The Site Allocations Plan is supported by a number of background documents and reports, which cannot be fully summarised here. Where appropriate, key evidence documents are specifically referred to within the text. A separate sustainability appraisal report has also been prepared. This appraises the environmental, social and economic implications of our proposals and highlights any concerns regarding either our coverage of topics or overall approach.

The Site Allocations Plan underwent its first round of consultation in February 2013. However further progress was delayed as a result of the successful  high court challenge which led to the re-examination of Policy CS13 and the consequential changes for a number of other remitted policies. Following confirmation of the CS13 housing requirement by the Secretary of State in September 2015, a second round of consultation took place from February to April 2016.

The Site Allocations Plan has now been amended in the light of the recent consultation . You can view a summary of the objections received and the Council’s responses at

This plan comprises the Publication Version which is the Council’s proposed final version of the document before submission to the Secretary of State for examination. The document will be subject to consultation with all representations received forwarded to the Inspector for  consideration at the examination stage.

You will need to respond by midnight on Monday 19 December 2016.

 It’s easy to get involved just visit and comment online.

Here you can view all of the consultation documents, look up sites and places you are interested in on our interactive policies map and respond online. Documents are also be available at:

  • all North Somerset Libraries.(For opening hours see )
  • Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Rd Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ
  • Castlewood Tickenham Rd Clevedon BS21 6FW

Alternatively you can send any comments you have to:

Planning Policy and Research


North Somerset Council

Walliscote Grove Rd


BS23 1UJ

Or email