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Response Date 23 Feb 2010
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4.25 Having regard to the specific options that have been referenced, strong support is given to the inclusion of land at Long Ashton to aid the delivery of the full SWBUE. It is pleasing to see that the Council recognises the suitability of land adjacent to Long Ashton as being appropriate for residential development, and clearly the Council appreciates the opportunities that could be gained from such development, in terms of creating new sustainable communities whilst also aiding the sustained growth of the existing village. Furthermore, it is considered that the indicative masterplan serves as a strong visual aid which demonstrates how clear Green Belt separation can be maintained between development to the south of Long Ashton and the wider urban extension by virtue of the existing high ridge between the two.

4.26 However, one area of concern is the omission of the railway as a sustainable transport mode to serve the whole of the SWBUE, in particular given the opportunity to site a station on level land at Long Ashton. Development in the wider SWBUE area could undoubtedly assist with the funding and delivery of a station in this location.

4.27 Having regard to the extensive work carried out by the Council's appointed consultants Broadway Malyan, it is disappointing to see that other forms of sustainable solution within the Area of Search have not been considered, such as development at Long Ashton.

4.28 This would provide clear sustainability benefits through expansion of a service settlement where there is scope for enlargement of existing recreational and community facilities, including a new primary school and needs identified in the Parish Plan. As things currently stand, the only discernable difference between the remaining options relates to differences between the quantum of development and whether or not this should be attached to Bristol or separated by retained Green Belt.

4.29 In respect of delivery, the University supports the stance adopted by NSC (Para 1.7) whereby the delivery of urban extensions will continue beyond 2026 should it be necessary