Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 23 Feb 2010
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4.13 Within the supporting text to the policy there is some justification for the omission of the SWBUE, however this is very brief in nature and displays a reliance upon brownfield redevelopment and also the outcome of the General Election. As has already been highlighted, the latter is purely speculative.

4.14 It is for these reasons that Policy CS14 is also deemed unsound as again, due to the omission of the SWBUE which itself is a key location for new residential development, the distribution strategy is flawed.

4.15 In its current guise, Policy CS14 focuses residential development at the SSCTs, including an urban extension to Weston, followed by larger market towns, then service villages. Outside of these areas new housing development will not be permitted unless it relates to agricultural uses or provides affordable housing.

4.16 As there is a forecast need to justify the SWBUE, failure to make such provision will inevitably lead to future development pressures on the SSCTs and larger towns which cannot be accommodated, thus the original requirement for the SWBUE.