Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
Our client recognises that, in line with the thrust of the Regional Spatial Strategy, that Weston-super-Mare is to receive a significant proportion of new housing over the plan period. However, there is no justification given to the approach suggested for smaller villages within North Somerset (limiting it to rural exceptions and replacement housing).

The Core Strategy Vision is underpinned by the need to redress inequality in rural and urban areas. It is considered that Policy CS14 as drafted will only maintain such inequalities as:

1. There is no evidence presented to suggest that the future roles and requirements of North Somerset settlements have been assessed fully in preparing this Core Strategy policy

2. Villages on the coast with their services and facilities are key attractions to tourists and of social, economic and environmental importance in North Somerset. The effect of this policy over the long term viability of such settlements is uncertain. However, it is considered that it will not maintain or enhance such places and could exacerbate their decline where population growth may be key to sustaining or encouraging rural enterprises and services.

Martyn Leisure requests that a sensible review of all settlement boundaries be undertaken and where opportunities exist for development then positive Core Strategy policy exists and settlement boundaries defined (not deleted), to enable such development to come forward. Given Kewstoke's importance as a tourist destination and proximity to Weston-super-Mare this could make it suitable for inclusion as a service village in the Core Strategy.