Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 23 Feb 2010
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3.2 The requirement for an urban extension within North Somerset totalling 9,000 residential units deserves recognition within the vision for the district. The creation of such a significant sustainable community would have clear benefits in terms of: addressing housing need, assisting with the self containment of existing service settlements, encouraging sustainable commuter trips and aiding the provision of wider infrastructure improvements.

3.3 In addition to the above, it is considered that greater recognition should be made within the Vision for the identified service villages to accommodate new development. In its current guise the vision states that service villages will: 'cater for rural needs'. Such a role is considered appropriate for smaller settlements which fall under the remit of 'Vision 7: Smaller Settlements and Countryside Vision'. However, in our view Long Ashton does considerably more than cater for rural needs. It is a larger service village that is within the SWBUE Area of Search, that already fulfils - at least in substantial part - a dormitory role in relation to Bristol and that has the capacity to assist the delivery of much needed housing growth to the south west Bristol area.