Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

Document Section Core Strategy - Consultation Draft Chapter 4: Area Policies CS28: Weston-super-Mare CS28: Weston-super-Mare [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
Planning Perspectives LLP has been instructed on behalf of National Grid Property Holdings Limited (NGPHL) to make representations to the Core Strategy (Consultation Draft) in the context of its ownership interests within the administrative area of North Somerset Council and specifically in Weston-super-Mare at Winterstoke Road, which lies within the proposed "Gateway Area" and is promoted in the (Preferred Options) Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) for regeneration comprising employment (in the form of offices) and residential use.

Accordingly, the representations made below to the Core Strategy should be considered in the context of NGPHL's earlier representations to the AAP, which objected to the proposed inclusion of employment within the preferred regeneration strategy for this site on viability grounds.