Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
Consistent with its observations above, NGPHL conditionally objects subject to the reference in the policy to "employment-led strategy" being changed to "a balanced employment and housing-led strategy".

NGPHL also objects to the currently stated requirement under criteria 1) of the policy for large residential sites to provide on-site employment opportunities without exception, because this fails to properly take into account the viability influences of doing so on development.

Although this concern appears to be at least partly acknowledged through the subsequent policy reference made to commuting this requirement off-site through financial contribution, this again fails to take into account whether this payment is capable of being either fully or partly made for viability reasons. Accordingly, the policy should be explicitly allowing of exceptions, provided there is a robust viability argument to support this.

Accordingly, criteria 1) should be reworded as per the highlighted below:

"1. Contribute to increasing self-containment and do not further exacerbate the existing unsustainable job/homes imbalance in the town. Large sites proposed for residential development WILL NORMALLY BE EXPECTED TO provide on-site employment opportunities or, where this is not appropriate, provide off-site contributions. THE CAPACITY OF A SITE TO ACHIEVE THIS REQUIREMENT FINANCIALLY WILL BE DETERMINED BY INDIVIDUAL SITE VIABILITY ANALYSIS".

Furthermore, criteria 3) should also be reworded as follows:

"Prioritise the development of previously developed land, particularly in the new development areas FOR VIABLE AND BENEFICIAL USE".