Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

Document Section Core Strategy - Consultation Draft Chapter 3: Spatial Policies Delivering a Prosperous Economy CS21: Retail Hierarchy and Provision CS21: Retail Hierarchy and Provision [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
This policy needs to be reconsidered in the light of the publication of PPS4. In particular, the reference to quantitative need should be removed.

In this respect, and having regard to Policy EC17, the relevant part of the policy dealing with proposals for new or extended town centre uses outside the identified centres (top of Page 98) should be amended as per the highlighted below:

"Proposals for new or extended town centre uses outside these centres with a floorspace above 200 m2 will need to demonstrate that:

1) There is qualitative need for the development.
2) The development complies with the requirements of the sequential approach.
3) The development is not likely to lead to significant adverse impacts in terms of:

a)CO2 emissions;
b)The accessibility of the proposal by choice of means of transport including walking, cycling, public transport and the car, the effect on local traffic levels and congestion after public transport and traffic management measures have been secured;
c)The built environment of the area;
d)The Council's objectives for the economic and physical regeneration of the area;
e)Local employment;
f)Existing, committed and planned public and private investment in a centre of centres in the catchment area of the proposal;
g)The vitality and viability of the town centre;
h)The ability of allocated sites outside the town centre being developed in accordance with the development plan; and
i)The trade and turnover of the town centre.

4) The proposal is of an appropriate scale.