Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
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As noted previously, the HCA welcomes the recognition within the Core Strategy for the RSS allocation of 9,000 dwellings in the Weston Urban Extension. The priority to development of previously developed land is also welcomed. We note that this priority will be given 'particularly in the new development areas' which we assume refers to the Weston Regeneration Area. Comments with regards to phasing of the urban extension are noted under Policy CS30. The HCA supports the Council's view that development to the east of the M5 is inappropriate in light of its Greenfield nature and unsustainable location.

The regeneration of central sites in Weston for a mix of uses is supported by the HCA. However, we would wish to see due consideration given to the impact from these major central sites on the wider Regeneration Area. For example, consideration given to the impact from new office sites around the station, on the market being developed at Locking Parklands.

We welcome the recognition of wider regeneration benefits than just physical measures (para. 4.13), including the broader range of jobs, provision of training and helping to improve the range of local skills.