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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
Current Status Accepted
Locking Parklands provides a unique opportunity for Weston, by creating an exemplar, truly
mixed used development within a parkland setting. The site will generate a new employment
offer for Weston by creating a high end business environment. Under the terms of the
development agreement, schemes at Locking Parklands will be required to meet the HCA's
own design criteria. The HCA therefore supports the objective of this policy and agrees that
where possible, development should seek to deliver a high quality of design.
Reference is noted to the masterplanning of developments, the HCA welcomes the
recognition that developments should benefit from a rigorous design process in discussion
with the local community and the Council. We understand that the Weston Urban Extension
SPD will include further design guidance (as well as possible further DPDs). However, in light
of the timescales for Locking Parklands (due to start construction on site for phase one in
Spring 2010), the HCA seeks reassurance that these documents will be produced as a matter
of urgency. The HCA also seeks clarification that the various layers of documents (Core
Strategy, Management Policies DPD, Weston Extension SPD, further DPDs) will not lead to a
confusing hierarchy of policy when determining design merits of future applications.