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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
Current Status Accepted
The HCA welcomes the requirement to use on-site renewable energy sources.
We note that Policy CS1 refers to 'utilising renewable energy where feasible and viable',however, for clarification, we believe that this consideration should also be referenced within Policy CS2.
The reference to site wide renewable energy solutions at the Weston urban extension is supported by the HCA, however, with regards to renewable energy source infrastructure, we wish to see reference given to the phasing of delivery. This will apply where phased development is expected such as Locking Parklands i.e. future proof early phases of development to connect into renewable sources when viability allows for the renewable energy infrastructure to be delivered.
The target of meeting Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 for all new dwellings is welcomed by the HCA. The HCA will seek to ensure that where possible, new development should be built to the highest standards of environmental performance, whilst recognising, that such requirements should be flexible and considered on a site by site basis. Wherever possible,the HCA seeks to ensure that residential developments meet a minimum of Code 4 for Sustainable Homes, and in any case, not less than Code Level 3. We also seek to ensure that commercial developments reach a BREEAM rating of Excellent. However, whilst the
HCA welcomes these high standards, we however seek a degree of flexibility to allow a reduction in these standards where commercial viability dictates (where proven), or where wider regeneration benefits may prevail. The standards have been met at Locking Parklands Phase One, however this is due to the availability of additional HCA funding.
The HCA therefore welcomes reference given within paragraph 3.37 that a reduction in these standards can be implemented where commercial viability dictates (where proven), however,we note that this is under 'other options and contingency', and therefore seek clarification that this will be provided within the policy wording itself.
We note that reference is given to further details regarding implementation being included within a development management DPD or SPD. The HCA seeks confirmation that these will be prepared alongside the Core Strategy, to ensure that clear guidance is given to developers. This also applies to the Weston Regeneration Area SPD preparation.