Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
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As noted above, the HCA has concerns with the Council's approach to adopt a housing target considerably lower than the RSS provision, as noted in Priority Objective 1.

Whilst the HCA supports the rationale for employment growth in North Somerset (Priority Objective 3), we wish the objectives to recognise the role that truly integrated mixed use development will have in reducing out-commuting.

The HCA also welcomes objective 8 with regards to redressing the inequalities within the District, and addressing imbalances in housing stock. However, we also propose further reference to the recognition that new homes will be adaptable, and of a type, design and size,fit to meet future needs.

With regards to additional objectives, the HCA wishes to see reference to the West of England Single Conversation model, to ensure that the outcomes of the process are supported by the policy framework provided in the Core Strategy, and investment is captured for the West of England area.

The HCA also proposes the inclusion of an objective seeking the highest standard of design to be achieved where possible in line with Government guidance relating to sustainable construction and BREEAM/Codes for Sustainable Homes (discussed further below in response to CS1).