Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 11 Mar 2010
Current Status Accepted
The strictly limited scope for residential development is not appropriate for those settlements currently with a settlement boundary (see other representations under policy CS14 requiring these to be retained).

Reference to employment development should now be reviewed and replaced by wording in accordance with PPS4, particularly policies EC6 and EC10 therein.

The requirement that employment development will not be permitted in the open countryside should be deleted. It is not considered to accord with PPS4 and could be interpreted as deleting entirely the effect of policies RD/2 and RD/3 contained in the current Replacement Local Plan (which provide amongst other things an important opportunity for farm diversification schemes). The intent of these RLP policies is now encompassed within PPS4. The absence of any reference to conversions in the rural areas in the proposed policy is surprising and a clear omission that needs to be addressed.