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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
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Reference to 'delivery will be expected to minimise the cost to the public purse' should be deleted. This statement is considered unnecessary as all contributions should be in line with Circular 05/2005 and based on contributions required as a result of the development in question.
Policy CS34 refers to potential contributions to meet the management and maintenance of services and facilities. It is important that this is done in accordance with the requirements of Circular 05/2005. Paragraph B18 of the Circular states that where contributions are secured through planning towards facilities predominately for the benefit of the users of the associated development, it may be appropriate to make provision for subsequent maintenance. Paragraph B19, however, states that as a general rule where an asset is intended for wider public use, the costs of subsequent maintenance should normally be borne by the body or authority in which the asset is to be vested.