Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 03 Mar 2010
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We support the Council's vision of service villages becoming thriving rural communities and a focal point for local housing needs, services and community facilities. We also support the desire to see them become more self-contained. To achieve this it should be acknowledged that it is not only new employment opportunities that should be created, but also new and expanded community facilities and services.
If VIS6 is to be realised it is important that the Core Document includes policies that provide the platform for service villages to grow in a sustainable nature. Policies such as CS14 and CS32 should therefore encourage appropriate development in service villages that can bring forward wider benefits to the local community (including the surrounding rural settlements that draw on the facilities available). This issue is discussed in more detail later in this response.
We also support the inclusion of Backwell and Congresbury among the identified service villages.