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Response Date 02 Mar 2010
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The proposed allocations for 12000 new dwellings and about 10000 jobs centred on Weston-super-Mare are supported. In particular the WUE proposal is also supported. It is imperative that there must be a very strong emphasis on a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach for the planning and implementation of the proposed development and the infrastructure and associated facilities required to serve same.

The restrictions upon any strategic development taking place to the east of the M5 motorway and the reasoning for same in para 4.6 are not accepted for the reasons stated in the accompanying letters on the draft core strategy exerts for WsM and the Broadway Malyan Report and Master Plan. The restriction should be removed and either in this policy or policy CS30 wording added to give effect to the development potential already raised in respect of land to the east of the M5 and to the west of the eventual alignment of the Junction 21 bypass route. Any consequential amendments of the criteria set out in these policies should automaticly follow in order to support this. Land to the east of the M5 could play an important role in providing flexible opportunities for all types of economic development in line with the positive and proactive approach endorsed in PPS4 and its advice and policies. Indeed, the land might also provide an appropriate location for any housing shortfall arising from the application of policy CS13 as proposed in the earlier representations upon same.