Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

Document Section Core Strategy - Consultation Draft Chapter 3: Spatial Policies Delivering a Prosperous Economy CS21: Retail Hierarchy and Provision CS21: Retail Hierarchy and Provision [View all comments on this section]
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Respondent Wrington Parish Council [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
This policy is supported, subject to the following observations. First, the Council notes that PPS6 states the need for: 'strengthening local centres, particularly in rural areas, by ensuring that there is a range of facilities and that these are retained'. We welcome NSC's recognition of this policy and the need for support in ensuring the retention of shops and services in Wrington. We ask what policy initiatives might be introduced and funded to ensure that shops and services are retained, especially if Wrington is to be designated as a 'service village'.

In commenting on retail hierarchy in relation to local centres outside Weston, there is mention of 'minimum of 20 units of town centre uses'. This needs clarification and definition, as it is unclear as written. While it is accepted that 'retail and leisure provision to meet local need is a by-product of population growth', para 3.325, or at least it has been when considered historically, in the case of the 'service villages' it seems that circumstances are now different. See comments below on policy CS32.