Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 17 Feb 2010
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GWE Business West Ltd is a leading membership and economic development organisation delivering an extensive range of services to businesses. As a powerful voice for business we play a major role in shaping and supporting economic growth and success. We represent over 2,000 businesses in the West of England and are the principle business organisation for the sub region. In addition to providing a wide range of business services, advice and support to its members GWE Business West supports the economic and social prosperity of the West of England.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the latest Consultation Draft document as part of the process of developing North Somerset's Core Strategy. Whilst we welcome the progress which has been made on preparing the Core Strategy, we are disappointed with the content of the document and believe the suggested allocations significantly underestimate the level of development required within the West of England sub-region over the plan period.

We address our comments and concerns around the following themes;
? Cross boundary collaboration
? South West Bristol
? Connectivity and accessibility
? Delivering a prosperous economy