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Response Date 26 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
It is difficult to comment on this policy without having seen the council's viability appraisal, as required by paragraph 29 of PPS3. However we do have some general comments and proposals that the council may wish to explore further.
First of all, we are not convinced that a policy requiring all new residential developments to include a proportion of affordable housing is desirable. We consider that a more practical threshold for a commuted sum of six is preferable. This will mean that small low cost developments will be unaffected and officers can spend more time negotiating the affordable housing proportion on larger schemes.
We also consider that the council should explore setting lower affordable housing thresholds in rural areas, whereas 15 units appears to be appropriate in Weston-super-Mare. This issue should be explored further in the viability assessment.
In accordance with the emerging RSS we consider that the council should set a target of 35% for affordable housing. We understand that this will not be achievable in many parts of Weston-super-Mare, however to overcome this, different geographic areas of the district should be set higher targets. In addition, urban extensions should be able to carry higher levels of affordable housing and individual targets should be set for each site. This will be supported by a viability assessment.