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Response Date 25 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
Gladman is one of the UK's leading speculative developers of office space and has
developed over 30 business parks across the UK. Gladman have recently completed
the development of approximately 4,980m² of office development at Portisfields,
Middle Bridge Business Park, Bristol Road, Portishead. Since the 16 units were
completed in the 2nd half of 2007, 75% of the offices are now let and a further 700m²
are under offer. Accordingly, it is expected that this office scheme will shortly be fully occupied. The success and take up rate of this scheme highlights the need for further office accommodation in Portishead and that the site is ideally located for
There is scope for a further 6 acres of previously developed land immediately
adjoining the Portis Fields site to provide further employment floorspace for
Portishead. The Core Strategy promotes further employment growth for Portishead in
order to keep pace with the significant growth in housing numbers developed to date
and the expectation for significant additional numbers in the LDF period.
Currently the Green Belt boundary is tightly drawn around Portishead but in aspiring
to achieve the employment growth needs of Portishead, complicated by the
competing demands for land for housing development, minor changes to the Green
Belt boundary on the edge of Portishead be required to accommodate further
development at Portis Fields.
The Employment Land Study identifies 7.7 Ha (25,754m² floorspace [277,219ft²] of
losses of existing employment sites and allocated employment sites from 2001-2008
with an expectation of a further 4.55Ha 19,155m² of further potential losses to nonemployment
uses. Of these, 21% were located in Portishead. It is likely that
pressures to secure further housing in Portishead in order to meet RSS targets will
result in further land identified for employment development being developed for
housing. Faced with that prospect the Core Strategy must acknowledge that
additional employment land beyond the existing boundary must be required to satisfy
the needs of Portishead for the LDF period.
The core strategy should allow for this without the need for a strategic Green Belt
review prior to further progress being made on the Site Allocations DPD. PPG2
allows for such alterations at a local level.