Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Policy CS30 should make specific reference to the provision of healthcare facilities with Weston urban extension.
"The urban extension will be characterised by linked communities on the east and western sides of the A371. Each community will be anchored by a district centre which will provide HEALTHCARE CENTRES; necessary retail, children's services and educational and community facilities to serve the new housing development."

The Core Strategy currently seeks to 'ring-fence' the 9,000 new dwellings proposed as part of the Weston Urban Extension, in terms of the provision's delivery and impact on service and facilities. To this end, NHSNS consider that the healthcare requirements should be identified to potential developers as part of a clear and robust planning policy. This is in line PPS 12, which requires (para 4.45) core strategy policies to show how the vision, objectives and strategy for the area will be delivered and by whom, and when.