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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
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The core stategy states that 12 "service villages" will be developed with a focus on employment, services and housing.
Yet 3 of these villages are Banwell, Backwell and Congresbury where the council are intent on removing the library service building and replacing with.......a spinner with books,3 hours of mobile service once a fortnight, a voluntary service?????? Hardly an adequate replacement by any stretch of the imagination.

Come on North Somerset, if you want people to move to these "Service Villages" then you must provide services!!!!!! They need shops,halls to meet in, churches, post offices, primary schools and a LIBRARY BUILDING.They need a community feel.To achieve this there needs to be a sense of community.

In Congresbury there is a wonderful community spirit, lots of different group,and a real sense of identity. If a proper North Somerset library provision is removed then part of the village will die.At the moment the library service provides an information point for North Somerset Council information (Council Connect). There is no where else in the village that does this.The library also supplies books from the Libraries West Consortium on a huge variety of topics and interests and specialist books through an Inter Library Loan Service. It supplies titles for 3 village bookgroups and runs a very successful Summer Reading Game with over 100 primary children taking part each year. It introduces pre-school age children to the joy of reading and the fun of belonging to a library
The library provides a free access point for people to use the library plus computers for job applications,contact with family and friends,and gaining information from the internet.
The library provides a place for village events to be advertised and for new villagers to come and to seek local information.
The libraries also have details of educational services and courses for everyone.

I lived in Herefordshire and they began to remove services from villages. Only to find that 10 years later they needed those villages desperately and all their services, to cope with all the people leaving the over developed towns, where schools were full, houses scarce and employment non-existant.

Please North Somerset Council look at the long term. You have schools in these "service Villages" don't let them die and reduce the viability of the village. This will happen if you do not support the schools with services such as libraries, doctors, shops, youth clubs,community halls, etc. The library at Congresbury is very close to the primary school and has good links with the school, providing and ideal opportunity to encourage literacy, literature and a love of learning for all children.It also has a good car park allowing parents and those with mobility problems to park close to the libary building and access its services.

If you are serious about developing "service villages" then you must look again at the needs of those villages. In the North Somerset Library Service Review the Executive endorse "the continuation of improvements to Library services", closing Congresbury Library is not an improvement, neither will be a voluntary run service based in the building.The people of Congresbury pay as much in Council Tax as those in other towns and villages and as such are entitled to recieve a service for their money, which should include good library provision.