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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
CS24 Royal Portbury Dock

TBPC is pleased that the role of RPD will be maintained and enhanced but this can be construed to be diametrically opposed by the reference to "further expansion of the port within North Somerset is not supported", notwithstanding the obtuse reference to Court House Farm (see reference under Green Belt policy).

As the context to the policy notes, whilst the next phase of port development may well be in the Bristol administrative area at Avonmouth this does not undermine the importance of RPD as part of a major modern port playing a significant regional economic role (in excess of £300 million and in excess of 7,000 jobs.) RPD will continue to feature strongly in the future of the Port of Bristol and for the Policy to categorically state that further expansion in North Somerset will not be supported does nothing for the self containment of Portishead so strongly pursued in policies CS20 and CS31; it implies that north of the River Avon has unlimited capacity to accommodate economic growth (a false assumption as represented in the Bristol Core Strategy defines), effectively shifting any problems to another Authority; and finally seriously undermining the objectives of Policy CS20 in encouraging economic growth in general. (Such a reference emits the wrong message for the endeavours of TBPC in maintaining and enhancing the ports future role so explicitly expounded as the key policy statement.)

The reference to TBPC needing to ensure the environmental aspects of growth are dealt with satisfactorily should be amended with reference to "as it has to date" since the Company has over the past 20 years taken a very responsible attitude to environmental aspect of the port's development. Thus the reference to the potential threat to the amenities of residents of Easton-in-Gordano and Portbury that any expansion could cause is regarded as totally unfounded not least because there is an eight lane motorway and junction between those settlements and RPD.

The Council's desire to see a Master Plan for the Bristol Port is noted and further consideration will be given following the decision by the Secretary of State for Transport in respect of the proposed Deep Sea Container Terminal.