Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Feb 2010
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The provision of retail space together with suitable accommodation for health centres, dentists, libraries, building societies, food and beverage outlets is an essential part of improving the self containment of settlements. The more attractive they are and the greater the range of facilities they offer the less people will be inclined to travel.
The provision of retail and service accommodation is complex and whilst it is appropriate that town centres, particularly in the case of Weston Super Mare, should be improved and expanded it must not be forgotten that the provision of space on the edge of urban areas can make them more attractive. Residents of North Somerset have a number of options when considering where to spend their money; they can go to Cribbs Causeway, Cabot Square, Cardiff or travel from their house at Locking to Waitrose at Portishead. Only by making every centre attractive, with a full range of services, will car use be reduced. In the service villages the provision of small scale, but modern, convenience stores whilst possibly causing the closure of village shops will in the long run reduce travel. In preparing daughter documents to the Core Strategy the Council should bear this in mind.