Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
Page 167 6.14 - The mechanism for delivery of the Core Strategy seems to depend in large part on the subsequent development of an Infrastructure Delivery Plan for the district. As per PPS12, the document states that such an IDP will include requirements and estimated costs for physical, social and green infrastructure. It should be clearly stated that a coordinated and strategic approach to the delivery of a renewable energy infrastructure for the district will be included in the IDP.

PPS12 Section 4.10 states that "The outcome of the infrastructure
planning process should inform the core strategy and should be part of a robust
evidence base. It will greatly assist the overall planning process for all participants if the agencies responsible for infrastructure delivery and the local authority producing the core strategy were to align their planning processes. Local authorities should undertake timely, effective and conclusive discussion with key infrastructure providers when preparing a core strategy. Key infrastructure stakeholders are encouraged to engage in such discussions and to reflect the core strategy within their own future planning. However the Government recognises that the budgeting processes of different agencies may mean that less information may be available when the core strategy is being prepared than would be ideal. It is important therefore that the core strategy makes proper provision for such uncertainty and does not place undue reliance on critical elements of infrastructure whose funding is unknown. The test should be whether there is a reasonable prospect of provision. Contingency planning - showing how the objectives will be achieved under different scenarios - may be necessary in circumstances where provision is uncertain".

The current delivery policy relies heavily on the development of an IDP, and as such it does not form part of the evidence base for the Core Strategy at this public consultation stage. Is this current consultation of any real value when this key piece of the evidence base has not been produced? Will the council ensure that an open consultation on the IDP is carried out when it is available? It is not possible to otherwise comment on the soundness of the delivery proposals for the Core Strategy in its current form.