Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
Although one of the Key Objectives stated for North Somerset is to ensure that in and around Weston, residential development is delivered in step with employment growth, and we are concerned that this may restrict the achievement of other objectives within the Strategy such as the provision of Affordable Housing and housing for key-workers. The majority of employment growth in and around Weston is proposed for the centre of Weston, the 'Gateway' zone as well as the urban extension. The location of housing for key workers in these areas may not necessarily be appropriate,given that the employment opportunities which these key workers rely upon are located elsewhere in Weston (eg Weston General, which is located just to the east of Uphill).
In view of this, it is considered that better self-containment could be achieved by housing key workers in localities close to existing public sector employment opportunities and which are already well served by public transport.
Furthermore, the provision of residential development in line with employment growth may not necessarily help to deliver the housing required by the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), particularly if economic growth takes place at the rate that it has done in the last few years. The Draft RSS states that over the period 2006-2026, 26,750 new dwellings will be provided in North Somerset, with 3,000 in the Weston urban area, 9,000 new dwellings allocated to the Weston Urban Extension and 5,750 new dwellings within the remainder of North Somerset. The housing figures for the Weston Urban Extension appear very high and as Paragraph 3.2034 notes, the deliverability of sites within the Urban Extension Area has yet to be properly established, which would increase the provision sought within Weston itself, in the areas adjacent to it and also within the service villages around Weston, in which case additional sites would need to be brought forward for development.