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Response Date 15 Feb 2010
Current Status Accepted
It is agreed that new development should be strictly controlled in order to protect character and prevent unsustainable development. However, to say that such settlements are to be regarded as "no longer suitable for additional development" (para 4.105) is, arguably, to condemn them to fossilisation and gradual decline. KSPC suggests the following modification to the wording: "? acknowledging that they are only appropriate for minimal additional development to meet local needs". In addition, paragraph 3 is currently too vague, and in its emphasis on locations within or adjacent to non-service villages ("Employment development will not be permitted in the open countryside") does not appear to allow for the inevitable continuation of farm diversification. It is perhaps designed to address the current loophole whereby a farmer can (under PDR) erect an agricultural building which four years later he then converts to some non-agricultural employment use; this would be welcome but not at the expense of making it impossible to pursue genuine farm diversification opportunities. (Rather, it needs to be addressed at national level as part of a review of the relevant Planning Policy Statement.)

The restrictions on new housing are reasonable but the exception for dwellings for workers in essential rural enterprises will need to be applied with more rigour than has sometimes been the case in the past (see comment on policy CS14, above).

Settlements in this category are by their nature unsustainable, lacking all but the most basic services and usually very poorly served by public transport. They are therefore not normally appropriate locations for affordable housing, but KSPC could possibly envisage supporting very limited provision of small houses (starter homes or for 'downsizing') if there was a proven local need.

The final paragraph of this policy, relating to shops and community uses, could be more positively and supportively worded by the deletion of the word "only".