Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

Document Section Core Strategy - Consultation Draft Chapter 4: Area Policies CS33: Smaller Settlements and Countryside CS33: Smaller Settlements and Countryside [View all comments on this section]
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Respondent Roger Daniels [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 31 Jan 2010
Current Status Accepted
Burrington Parish Council's Comments on North Somerset Core Strategy Consultation Draft:

Burrington Parish Council has considered, in particular, the Area Policies for Service Villages (CS32) and Smaller Settlements and Countryside (CS33). The Parish contains all or parts of the villages of Burrington, Rickford, Upper Langford and Lower Langford. We support the distinction between Service Villages like the neighbouring villages of Churchill or Wrington and Smaller Settlements, like those in this Parish, which should provide an effective approach to the planning of community facilities and services, employment, housing and transport. The approach is also consistent with national and regional guidance. In Policy CS 33, however, some thought needs to be given to the definition of 'dwellings for workers in essential rural enterprises'. Rural areas contain a range of businesses with employees in need of housing. The approach should be clearly related to the requirements of PPS 7 Annex A.