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Response Date 25 Jan 2010
Current Status Accepted
In addition to requirements set out by the North Somerset Council in the above document I would like to advise that:
The area of West Mendip Internal Drainage Board (map attached) is a Natural Flood Plain and whilst every effort will continue to be made to guard against and to alleviate flooding, no guarantee can be given against the worst effects of abnormal weather and tidal conditions.
The Board always requires compliance with the recommendations in the Report - PPS25 - Development and Flood Risk Areas 2006.
For developments within Board's area, Flood Risk Assessment undertaken in accordance with PPS25 - Development and Flood Risk Areas 2006 is needed by the Board, in order to demonstrate that the proposed development is not placed at risk and does not increase the flood risk to adjacent developments/lands.
If the proposed development results in changes to existing drainage system - increased surface water runoff from a site etc - a written Land Drainage Consent from the Board has to be obtained under the terms of the Land Drainage Act 1991.
For the information/files I list below Board's requirements with regard to Disposal of Surface Waters:
Rates for storm water runoff discharges from the site to replicate or achieve a reduction from the 'greenfield' response of the site over a range of storm probabilities, accompanied by the required on-site storage designed for the 1 in 100 year storm event.
For the range of annual flow rate probabilities, up to and including the 1% annual probability (1 in 100 year storm event) the developed rate of run-off discharges from the site into a Viewed Rhyne or ordinary watercourse shall be no greater than the undeveloped rate of run-off for the same event.
The potential effect of future climate change shall be taken into account by increasing the rainfall depth by 10% for computing storage volumes.
All in compliance with The Institute of Hydrology Report 124 (IoH 124) - Flood estimation for small catchments (1994).
All to the satisfaction of the Engineer to the Board.
On behalf of the West Mendip Internal Drainage board I would like to advise that both current and future developers/owners should be made aware of the risks associated within the area being considered.