Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 20 Jan 2010
Current Status Accepted
The need for development at Weston, both within the urban area and at the urban extension, to be employment led to secure regeneration and greater self containment is further endorsed by this Policy.
As referred to above (Policy CS13) the CS must recognise the employment related benefits of development that includes retail and tourism based uses as part of mixed use schemes on the sea front, ie including hotels/leisure uses/retail and the importance of these to securing the future regeneration and recognition of the Town's tourism base.
It is accepted that this is a Core Strategy document, and that the allocation of non-strategic sites for future development purposes will be decided through the Site allocations Development Plan Document.
Suggested Amendment: Recognition that the employment element of sites within Weston Urban Area can be met from non Class B uses ie retail/hotel/leisure, etc.